Accelerating Progress on the Millennium Development Goals

What is the project about?

The Philippines is faced with the daunting task of overcoming and reversing the performance of some MDGs that are off-tracked or least likely to be achieved by 2015. The country is poised to initiate activities and measures to accelerate the achievement of the MDGs. Of prime importance in rallying this initiative is the engagement and empowerment of duty-bearers and claimholders in pushing for reforms and appropriate interventions that would address bottlenecks in the achievement of the MDGs from the national to the sub-national levels. Showcasing of best practices and lessons learned in MDG mainstreaming shall be pursued through results-based monitoring, advocacy and policy support for local and national initiatives.

This project aims to mainstream MDGs in local development planning, policy making and programme/project implementation. Towards this end, localization efforts will be intensified to promote and foster synergy and broad-based collaboration among stakeholders (i.e., national government agencies, local government units and private sector) in aligning policies and plans and in mobilizing resources towards accelerating the achievement of the MDGs.

What have we accomplished so far?

The localization and achievement of the MDGs has become an important priority amongst the local government units. The projects initiated in 2012 brought numerous opportunities to contribute to prioritization and achievement of lagging MDGs. Critical for MDG5 acceleration was the completion and adoption of the national and the two local action plans which were formulated together with the government, civil society organizations, local government and community stakeholders. Recent policy issuances on the Sin Tax and on Reproductive Health are hoped to significantly support the achievement of the MDG5.

UNDP through its partners continue to develop institutional capacities at the national and local levels. Notable supports by the project include: completion of the Menu of Options for LGUs for the achievement of the MDGs, finalization of the MDG Progress Report of the Province of Ilocos Norte, initiation of the another ten (10) Local MDGs Progress Report, 2013 National MDG Progress Report, National Post-2015 Agenda Framework, endorsement of MDG acceleration plan for maternal health, which was endorsed by the Social Development Committee and the Poverty Reduction and Human Development Cluster of the National Government in October 2012.


Donor name Amount contributed
UNDP USD 175,500.00
UNDP USD 192,850.00


2012 USD 145,784.87

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