Scaling-up Effective and Sustained Responses on HIV and AIDS

What is the project about?

This Programme is directly aligned with the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) 2012-2016 and the AIDS Medium Term Plan (AMTP) 2012-2016. It seeks to strengthen capacities of national and local governments and affected communities to plan and implement sustained, comprehensive and effective responses to HIV and AIDS in the following areas of interest:

  1. Development and resource mobilization for the implementation of gender-responsive, age-sensitive and context-specific normative guidelines for targeted HIV prevention, treatment, care and support programmes;
  2. Policy reforms at the national and local levels;
  3. Institutional capacity enhancement of the national and local AIDS coordinating bodies; and
  4. Capacity development of national government agencies, Regional AIDS Assistance Teams, local government units and civil society organizations, including empowerment of community groups, particularly men having sex with men (MSM) and transgender groups, to participate in the country response to AIDS.

What have we accomplished so far?

Country AIDS response was strengthened through policy reforms and institutional capacity development. For instance:

  • Bills amending the Philippine AIDS Law have been passed in Senate and Congress (i.e., SB 3072 and HB 5312) seeking to restructure the legal framework on AIDS;
  • Local legislations prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity and health status (i.e., HIV) have been approved in two key cities (i.e., Cebu and Davao);
  • The National Strategic Plan for Men having sex with Men (MSM) and Transgender Populations 2012-2016, and its operational framework were endorsed by government;
  • Capacities of Regional AIDS Assistance Teams (RAATs) to provide technical assistance to local governments in instituting local AIDS responses enhanced;
  • Increased capacities of MSM and transgender groups on advocacy, organization and programme development;
  • Enhanced skills of foreign service officers and personnel in handling cases of HIV among overseas Filipino workers; and
  • Increased awareness of officials and staff of Commission on Human Rights on HIV-related human rights issues for strengthened engagement in AIDS response. 


Donor name Amount contributed
UNDP USD 176,978.80
Thematic Thrust Fund USD   67,000.00
UNAIDS USD   24,187.98
Open Society Institute USD   23,746.00
UNDP USD 140,000.00

Delivery in previous fiscal year

2012 USD 233,673.34

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