Low Emission Capacity Building Programme Philippine Project

What is the project about?

The Low Emission Capacity Building (LECB) Programme is a global initiative to support climate change mitigation efforts, low emission development strategies and enhanced measuring, reporting and verification systems as part of the UNDP’s larger Green, Low-Emission and Climate-Resilient Development Strategies. With 25 participating countries, this programme aims to strengthen technical and institutional capacities at the country level, while at the same time facilitating inclusion and coordination of the public and private sector in national initiatives addressing climate change.

The LECB PHL Project is assisting the Philippines in the formulation of its roadmap for climate change mitigation strategies. Consistent with national development priorities, it focuses on building the capacity of the public sector on greenhouse gas inventory systems particularly for the Agriculture, Industry, Transport and Waste sectors; as well as developing the overarching framework and sectoral roadmaps for nationally appropriate mitigation actions, low emission development strategies and design of the measurable, reportable and verifiable system of proposed actions and means to reduce GHG emissions.

What have we accomplished so far?

In 2012, the LECB PHL Project focused on completion of start-up activities including building capacities of relevant government agencies and key stakeholders in the preparation of the greenhouse gas inventories and undertaking consultations on the institutional arrangements for its mainstreaming. Identification of existing data, data gaps and potential data sources within the government is ongoing and a legal instrument has been crafted for the institutionalization of the national greenhouse gas inventory system for key source sectors. Preparatory work for the formulation of the nationally appropriate mitigation actions and low emission development strategies are underway with the constitution of the core technical working group of national experts on climate change mitigation.

Currently, the European Commission (EC), the largest donor of the LECB Programme, is conducting an independent analysis to assess the global Programme. Based on the good progress of its implementation, the LECB PHL Project was selected as one of four participating project countries to undergo this monitoring exercise.


Donor name Amount contributed
European Union/ Government of Germany/ Government of Australia

USD 750,000.00


2012 USD 68,517.40

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