Key Activities

Expediting Procurement

undpph_DepEd3UNDP Philippines Procurement Team with Department of Education officials inspect the new packages of information technology equipment for senior high schools.

As part of expediting implementation of the K-12 Programme, a government financing partnership with UNDP was agreed to help reduce remaining capacity gaps and ensure the timely delivery of quality development services. The partnership initially focused on expediting the procurement and delivery of ICT equipment and services for schools, while ensuring quality and best value for money.

UNDP procurement support services access a highly competitive global market and globally recognized brands with after-sales support services, which can extend equipment use beyond the current three-year asset replacement period of the Department of Education. UNDP also provides expertise in the complicated logistics of delivering procured items to approximately 5,000 points across the Philippine archipelago.

Further, it uses the procurement process to provide hands-on experience to government staff, backed by training on new skills, such as under the CIPS Level 2 Certificate in Procurement and Supply Operations.

Closing Management Gaps


Alongside the provision of procurement and programme management support services, UNDP is implementing a technical assistance package to help the Department of Education improve its delivery of education services. First, a diagnostic assessment will identify strengths, weaknesses, risks and opportunities for reform in the Department’s public financial management systems.

Second, a capacity development programme will boost the professionalization of public financial management in the Department, especially in the area of procurement. A parallel capacity development programme for civil society organizations will enable them to engage in the Department’s public financial management processes, from budget preparation to budget accountability.

Third, as part of the Department’s efforts to boost transparency, accountability and citizen participation, UNDP is helping to devise a third-party monitoring system. Through this, civil society organizations and community volunteers are tapped to track the delivery of ICT packages, the preparedness of schools prior to delivery and the satisfaction of users after delivery. This monitoring system can potentially be extended to cover all aspects of education service delivery.

UNDP is offering technical assistance in an inclusive manner through the Governance Host Universities Bridging Services (G-HUBS). G-HUBS bring together academic institutions and civil society organizations as partners and service providers for public financial management assessments, capacity development and third-party monitoring.

A G-HUBS-based strategy ensures that reform efforts are undertaken bottom-up rather than top-bottom.

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