Democratic Governance

  • The project aims to mitigate corruption in governance through increased citizen participation in public finance processes.

  • The project aims to initiate reform through a rights-based, local democracy model that aims to strengthen voice channels between claimholders (citizens), and duty-bearers (government). Interventions will be geared toward establishing indirect and direct voice channels at the local level, where the practice of democratic dialogue, constituency-building, and inclusive participation can be strengthened.

  • The project will continue to support processes of systemic change through which the marginalized are protected and enabled to use the law to advance their rights and their interests as citizens and actors in development. It will approach development from the bottom up, empowering people to demand and exercise their rights while at the same time strengthening mechanisms and processes to better respond to the needs of the marginalized. This includes the strengthening legal identity, voice and standing of the marginalized to ensure an inclusive development process.

  • In 2016, under a $60 million government financing agreement, UNDP began assisting the Department of Education in delivering one of the Government’s most critical programmes, the Kinder to Grade 12 Basic Education Programme. Through this agreement, UNDP provides an assistance package that includes technical support for public financial management reform, capacity development, citizens’ engagement in monitoring service delivery and procurement services.

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