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Caribbean can only 'build back better' with international support and urgent climate action, UN, CARICOM Chiefs and Heads of Government

In view of the urgent needs of Caribbean islands affected by Hurricanes Irma and Maria, the “CARICOM-UN High-level Pledging Conference: Building a more Climate-Resilient Community ” mobilised a broad…  


In 2014, Belgium contributed with 23,661,270 USD to UNDP’s core budget.  

UNDP takes part in Europe’s leading forum on development

SDG Advocates Jeffrey Sachs, Muhammad Yunus and Marjeta Jager were among key speakers in a panel on the role of small businesses in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, organized by UNDP, the…  

Lack of funding putting help for Syrian refugees and hosts at risk, as Brussels Syria Conference set to open

The primary regional appeal and strategy calls for $4.63bn to continue delivering vital protection and assistance for refugees and host communities. To date – only $433m of the amount requested has…  

Tackling the deadly legacy of war in Lao PDR

Rice planting season is a nerve-wracking time for 49 year-old farmer Vongphone of Xieng Khouang province, in northern Lao. He was disabled several years ago when he accidentally set off an unexploded…  

New goats, stoves, and farming methods bring resilience to Kenya’s Dry Land Regions

The Kenya Adaptation to Climate Change in Arid Lands (KACCAL) project helps poor rural communities vulnerable to recurrent drought and to the long-term impacts of climate change.  

Clearing the way for development in Lao PDR

The presence of UXO hinders socioeconomic development in Lao PDR, a country that is slowly emerging from Least Developed Country status. In 2010, reducing the impact of UXO became specialized…  

The chicken or the egg? Young entrepreneurs in Kyrgyzstan say both

A joint UNDP-UNEP initiative supports efforts to integrate poverty-environment strategies into national and local planning processes through financial and technical assistance and capacity…  

Results: Tunisia

UNDP is responding quickly to the fast-changing environment in Tunisia, launching an ambitious new strategy supporting key elements of the democratic transition, such as electoral and…  


In 2014, Belgium contributed with 23,661,270 USD to UNDP’s core budget.  

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