Philippine Government and humanitarian community scale up Typhoon Haiyan response

Nov 15, 2013

(Manila, 15 November): One week after Typhoon Haiyan made landfall in the Philippines, the humanitarian community is scaling up the response to assist families left destitute by the typhoon. Tens of thousands of people have lost everything and are in desperate need of help.

"The United Nations and non-governmental-organisations are working closely with regional and national Government partners, in an effort to speed up assistance to people across affected regions. The enormity of the task ahead cannot be understated and we need a strong collective response to ensure we deliver," said Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator, Ms. Luiza Carvalho. "Many people have lost everything and are extremely vulnerable."

The Philippine Government is leading the massive relief operation, already providing assistance to tens of thousands of people in affected areas. Humanitarian agencies are supporting their efforts, providing food and shelter materials, including tarpaulins, plastic sheeting and tents. A delivery of sufficient medical supplies to provide basic health services for 120,000 people for one month, and the ability to perform 400 surgical interventions is in situ.

The first drops of water began trickling again in Tacloban city on Friday. The water treatment facility is now 30 per cent operational, serving an estimated 150,000 people. A radio communication service is being established to help families who are desperate for information about their loved ones and to provide information to affected communities. However much more is required.

Aid is not getting to all areas and many in desperate need are still to be reached. "We must do all we can now to ensure that people who have suffered such severe losses, receive the help they need - and the support required to rebuild their lives," urged Ms. Carvalho on behalf of the humanitarian community in the Philippines.

On 12 November, the Government of the Philippines and humanitarian partners launched the Action Plan for Typhoon Haiyan. The plan is asking for $301 million to mount the massive humanitarian response required to help the most vulnerable.

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