Environment and Energy

UNDP works on enhancing the environment's carrying capacity to support the country's sustained economic growth, alleviating poverty in the process. This is through the: (1) evolution and refinement of the legislative, institutional, and regulatory framework; (2) use of market-based mechanisms and adoption of environmentally sustainable technologies to encourage private sector participation in environmental protection as well as greater community alliance in the formulation and implementation of local level initiatives; and (3) establishment of a more effective system of environmental governance and delivery of environmental services, including monitoring and enforcement.

Our Goals

Mainly, the Programme supports the following outcomes: (1) Strengthened, rationalized and effectively implemented environment and natural resources policies, frameworks and plans; and (2) Streamlined Environment and Natural Resources (ENR) services and strengthened sustainable development planning and implementation capacity. more

Mangrove Rehabilitation

Mangrove rehabilitation and replantation in disaster-prone coastal areas can help protect communities and villagers from storm surges and flooding. (Photo: Wayne Pan/UNDP Philippines)

Our Stories

  • Members of the Ulot Watershed Model Forest Stakeholders Federation (UWMFSF) comprised of 11 people’s organizations now help guide and operate Torpedo Boats in Samar Island National Park. (Photo: Wayne Pan/UNDP Philippines)

    From timber to tourists: Community transformation in Samar Island

    “Illegal logging – that is the large scale logging done by big companies. What we did here is not logging. We cut trees to sell tomore

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  • The Menuvù community in Mt. Kalatungan, Bukidnon, shows the 3-D map of their ancestral domain. The community has developed a Community Conservation Plan (CCP) primarily to sustain and improve protection and conservation efforts for the Indigenous Community Conserved Area (ICCA) as well as the improvement of the well-being of the Menuvù community. (Photo: Glaiza Tabanao)

    Empowered Philippine tribes preserve nature, prevent conflict
    Menuvu children

    At the slopes of one of the highest mountain ranges in the Southern Philippines, two local tribesmen couldn’t contain the pride in their eyes and contentmentmore

Projects and Initiatives

 people walking in flooded street

Enhancing Greater Metro Manila’s Institutional Capacities for Effective Disaster/Climate Risk Management towards Sustainable Development (GMMA READY Project)

GMMA READY Project aims to decrease the vulnerability of the Greater Metro Manila Area (GMMA) to natural hazards and increase their resilience, by strengthening the institutional capacities of the local government units, concerned national government agencies, academic institutions and civil society organizations to manage disaster and climate change risks. more

project signing

Enabling Regions 10 and 11 to Cope with Climate Change (Project Climate Twin Phoenix)

The Project Climate Twin Phoenix aims to assess the disaster vulnerabilities of the affected areas of Regions 10 and 11 in Mindanao to geological, meteorological and meteorologically-induced hazards due to climate change. The results will provide the basis for priority mitigation actions like community- based and -managed early warning systems, and integrated contingency planning and mobilization. more

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Featured Publications
National State of the Brown Environment Report (2005-2007)

A technical report examining air and water quality, solid waste, toxic chemicals and hazardous wastes, and compliance with multilateral environmental
agreements in the country. It also looks at inititatives being implemented by stakeholders like government, private sector, civil society, and the development community.

A Guidebook on Renewable Energy Project Development & Packaging

This Guidebook aims to provide prospective Renewable Energy (RE) project developers with a practical road map to assist them in project development and packaging, avail of incentives and secure financial assistance in the process, addressing a major barrier to increased RE adoption in the Philippines.

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