How does UNDP do business?

UNDP Procurement Principles

UNDP manages procurement activities by adhering to the following general principles:

  • Best Value for Money;
  • Fairness, Integrity, Transparency;
  • Effective International Competition; and
  • The Interest of UNDP.

Types of Competition

Depending on the nature and size of the project and its procurement elemnts, UNDP may use any of the following competitive methods set in relevant guidelines to procure goods , civil works or services:

  • Open International Competition;
  • Limited International Competition; and
  • Local and/or National Competition.


The types of solicitation practiced by UNDP are as follow:

  • Expression of Interest (EOI)
    Written communication by a supplier to provide information about its products, resources, qualifications and experience, in response to a particular EOI

  • Request for Qoutation (RFQ)
    Less formal solicitation, valued below US$ 100,000, with standard specifications and for products readily available in the market

  • Invitation to Bid (ITB)
    Formal solicitation, mainly for goods, valued above US$ 100,000, with lowest price compliancy and technical competency as determining factors

  • Request for Proposal (RFP)
    Formal solicitation, mainly for services, valued above US$ 100,000, with requirements possibly met in various ways, overall best solution will win the contract, and not necessarily the lowest price

Green Procurement

As part of its commitment to the environment and sustainable management of natural resources, UNDP actively promotes and implements Green procurement by requiring its staff to conduct all activities, including contracting with other entities, in a resource-efficient manner. UNDP's Green procurement policy is based on the following four "R" strategies:

  • Re-thinking the requirements to reduce environmental impact;
  • Reduce materials consumption;
  • Recycle materials/waste; and
  • Reduce energy consumption.

UNDP is therefore selective in its choice of products, processes and services, taking into consideration the effects of energy consumption, toxicity, ozone depletions, radiations, and the use of recycled materials.

Procurement notices


List of contract awards

The following is a list of Individual Contracts/Contractors who receive US$ 30,000 or more from UNDP Philippines over a 12 month period:

Project title
Vendor name
Value (USD)
Institutional Development Specialist for MDGF 1919 Mitigating Corruption in Water Governance through Participatory Public Financesample
Verda Saw 44,043.06
Project Manager (UN-Habitat)
Priscella Mejillano 36,000.00
Capacity/Institutional Development Specialist for MDG-F 1919: Enhancing Access to and Provision of Water Services with Active Participation of the Poor Lilia Casanova 30,789.82
Rental of heavy equipment for the debris clearing of New Bataan and Compostela for Time-Critical Debris Management in Areas Affected by Typhoon Bopha Jenrock Construction and Hauling Services 50,267.38
Carpentry and Production Project for Time-Critical Debris Management in Areas Affected by Typhoon Bopha Association of Construction and Informal Workers (ACIW) 79,881.69
Integrated Debris to Livelihood and Shelter Support Project for Time-Critical Debris Management in Areas Affected by Typhoon Bopha Alliance of Government Employees Cooperatives (ALGEMCO) Federation in Region IX 82,796.59
Debris (Timber) to Lumber and to its Economic Benefits Project for Time-Critical Debris Management in Areas Affected by Typhoon Bopha Sustainable Integrated Area Development Initiatives in Mindanao - Convergence for Asset Reform and Regional Development (SIMCARRD) 41,327.53
Support to Livelihood and Shelter Project of Typhoon Pablo Affected Communities for Time-Critical Debris Management in Areas Affected by Typhoon Bopha KPMFI 69,621.57
SIBP Terminal Evaluation for Samar Island Biodiversity Project Pacific Rim Innovation and Management Exponents (PRIMEX) 49,459.52
UN Common Maintenance and Sanitation ISS Facility Services Philippines, Inc. 46,878.36
UN Common Security Services Shooters Security Services 117,151.75
Travel Service Provider for the UN System in the Philippines HRG Marsman Drysdale ongoing

EU-funded UNDP Grants and Procurement Contracts Awarded in 2014 for an Amount Equal to or Above EUR 15,000 and US$ 100,000

Title Reference Amount (EU Contribution
Supporting the Transition to Bangsamoro: Strengthening Institutions for Peace and Human Rights  CRIS NO: IFS-RRM2013/331-907  €                    1,915,323.81 
Recovery and Resilience in Selected Typhoon Yolanda-affected Communities in the Visayas DCI-ASIE/2014/346-647 € 9,700,000.00 
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