Human Development

  • 2013 Human Development report2013 Human Development reportMar 14, 2013The 2013 Human Development Report – "The Rise of the South: Human Progress in a Diverse World" – examines the profound shift in global dynamics driven by the fast-rising new powers of the developing world and its long-term implications for human development.

  • 2011 Human Development Report2011 Human Development ReportNov 1, 2011Development progress in the world’s poorest countries could be halted or even reversed by mid-century unless bold steps are taken now to slow climate change, prevent further environmental damage, and reduce deep inequalities within and among nations, according to projections in the 2011 Human Development Report. Sustainability and Equity: A Better Future for All argues that environmental sustainability can be most fairly and effectively achieved by addressing health, education, income, and gender disparities together with the need for global action on energy production and ecosystem protection.

  • 2010 Asia and the Pacific Human Development Report2010 Asia and the Pacific Human Development ReportFeb 14, 2010The report, Power, Voices and Rights: A Turning Point for Gender Equality in Asia and the Pacific, focuses on the critical question of advancing gender equality, as seen through the prism of women’s unequal power, voice, and rights. Despite the region’s many economic gains, the Report chronicles how in many instances women across the region continue to be held back and disadvantaged. Even as many women have benefited from their countries’ improved education, health, and prosperity, they continue to face barriers to the same opportunities available to men.

  • 2012/2013 Philippine Human Development Report2012/2013 Philippine Human Development ReportJul 29, 2013The 2012 Philippine Human Development Report with the theme Geography and Human Development is the 7th in the series of Reports which began in 1994. It focuses on geography and human development and examines whether and how sub-national human development outcomes across time and space have been directly or indirectly influenced by physical and environmental processes, features and phenomena (and vice versa), and what policy issues arise if any.

  • 2008/2009 Philippine Human Development Report2008/2009 Philippine Human Development ReportDec 1, 2009The Philippine Human Development Network (HDN), in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the New Zealand Agency for International Assistance (NZAID) and the Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS), launches the 2008/09 Philippine Human Development Report (PHDR) with the theme “Institutions, Politics and Human Development in the Philippines” on 20 May 2009 at Crowne Plaza Galleria Manila Hotel.