The 4th Philippine National Report to the Convention on Biological Diversity

17 Jul 2013


This is the 4th National Report (4NR) of the Philippines to the CBD. It covers mid-2005 to mid-2008 with updates up to early 2009. It focuses on the assessment of the country’s progress towards meeting the 2010 biodiversity target of achieving a significant reduction in the current rate of biodiversity loss at the global, regional and national levels, consistent with the strategic plan for the CBD. The 2010 biodiversity target is also one of recent targets incorporated in the Millennium Development Goals (MDG).


Highlights and specific case samples are cited in this Report to give snapshots of the status, trends, and threats in the following ecosystems based on the thematic programmes of the CBD: forest and mountain, agriculture, inland waters, coastal, marine and island. Moreover, this Report identifies the gaps that should be addressed and some recommended actions for us to meet the 2010 biodiversity target.

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