Disaster risk reduction makes development sustainable: A Call for Action

26 Jan 2014


This document outlines the massive losses associated with disasters and emphasizes the need to include Disaster Risk Reduction in the post-2015 development agenda.

Key Messages:

  • The post-2015 development framework offers an unparalleled opportunity to ensure that disaster risk is significantly reduced all over the world, especially for those most vulnerable.
  • Disasters big and small devastate families, communities and nations.
  • Every aspect of sustainable development is undermined by disasters, whether social, economic or environmental.
  • Unchecked by the integration of risk into development, the impact of disasters will grow and grow. Development must be risk-proofed now, so as to prevent massive losses of life, livelihoods and growth in the future.
  • Development is never disaster neutral; it creates, exacerbates or reduces risk. Disaster risk reduction is a no-regret investment that protects lives, property, schools, businesses and employment.
  • Disaster risk reduction is a development issue. Making risk reduction a central component of the future development agenda is the only way to ensure that disasters do not derail development itself.